Chiropractic Treatment and Care

It wasn’t too long ago that some people had not even heard of chiropractic.  But because of the personal experience many have had with chiropractic care, there aren’t many people today who don’t know about chiropractic.  Information about chiropractic and its many benefits is abundantly available now on the internet and through public information sources.

Local, state, and national companies now recognize the value of chiropractic as an important and vital healthcare option.  Chiropractic is a covered benefit for more and more people through their insurance and health plans.  Just as an example, if you are injured in an automobile accident or are injured at work, you have direct access to chiropractic care that does not require you to have a referral from a medical doctor.  Those with state and national health plans need only to look on their company’s website or call their health plan to find a list of approved chiropractors, and there is likely one or more conveniently located in your area.

Chiropractic is a branch of physical medicine.  It addresses and treats disorders of the skeletal, muscle, and nerve systems of the body.  Throughout our lives we will have misfunctions of these systems because of accidents and injuries, work and other stresses, neglect of our functional and nutritional needs, the aging process, and simply through poor lifestyle management including posture and not taking care of problems when they start.

What are some benefits of chiropractic treatments?

  • Injury care
  • Restoring proper function to joints
  • Pain reduction and elimination
  • Removing nerve pressure, including pinching from bulging discs
  • Maintaining structural integrity of the spine (we only have one of those)
  • Reduction or elimination of headaches
  • Addressing symptoms such as tingling and numbness
  • Addressing problems like loss of grip strength and poor joint flexibility
  • Assisting in maintaining proper posture and balance
  • Strengthening muscle functions
  • Managing chronic pain syndromes connected to nerves, muscles, and the skeleton

What are the chiropractor’s tools?

  • The doctor’s hands – the basic treatment is hands-on spinal adjustments
  • An adjusting table or chair – on which the treatments are performed
  • Professional  education and ongoing learning
  • Many years of practice experience and direct patient care
  • Adjunctive therapies like TENS and Laser treatments

Chiropractors are qualified by training and education to provide

  • Nutritional counseling
  • Work and lifestyle recommendations
  • Exercise recommendations related to your problem
  • An accurate description of your condition
  • Analysis of X-ray and MRI and other diagnostic studies
  • Analysis and information about some blood test results
  • Instructions on taping and bracing of injured joints

For more information about what to expect from chiropractic treatment, go to the “Q & A” section of this website.

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