I was treated for chronic lower back pain and sciatica.  I would have to manage what tasks I could do without aggravating this condition and when it would flare up I would have to take pain medication and muscle relaxants just to make it bearable.  I was unable to perform physical duties of my job as a mason.  I received chiropractic treatments in the office to align my back and laser therapy to treat pain and inflammation.

     Specific improvements were:  more flexibility, sleeping through the night, chronic issues not coming back, increase vitality, and ability to resume duties in the field as a mason.

     The office staff treated me with professionalism, compassion and attentiveness to my specific condition.  I would absolutely refer a friend or family member for chiropractic and laser treatments.

     Additional comment:  I have been seeking treatment for the various consequences of injuries I suffered when I was 16.  After living with this condition for more than 30 years, I have finally found the doctor and staff that offered a treatment that not only alleviates pain and alignment problems, but actually seems to have stimulated my body to heal itself.  Mere words cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Saito and Jerry for giving me a much more comfortable and healthy life.

Dennis W.

     I was experiencing neck stiffness, tingling radiating down my left arm, and leg twitching and stiffness.  These symptoms caused me discomfort through the day and night, interfering with my sleep.  Dr. Saito recommended that, in addition to chiropractic treatments, he thought that laser therapy would help my other issues.  The warmth of the laser treatments was comforting.  I felt immediate results after each treatment that continued for days.  After about 10 laser treatments, I had less muscle stiffness, leg twitching, and arm tingling.  

     The staff was amazing!  Dr. Saito and Jerry made me feel instantly comfortable.  They always went above and beyond on each of my visits.  I always left the office feeling better than when I came in.  I have recommended laser therapy to my friends and family and told them how they could benefit from this treatment.

Kathleen M.

     I was treated at the Saito Chiropractic Office and HiLaser Treatment Clinic for a bulging disc in my lumbosacral area.  I had been injured 13 years earlier in an ocean accident.  I became interested in the laser treatment when a co-worker told me that he had received treatments for his bad knee and was feeling a marked improvement.  The treatments, themselves, feel very soothing and relaxing to me.  I didn't notice a difference right away, but after my 4th treatment over the course of 2 weeks, I realized my back was not sore anymore.   The soreness returns if I do vigorous activity, but it feels OK again the next day.   This was never the case before the laser treatments.

     The staff in the office are wonderful and truly care about improving the patient's comfort.  I have referred several family members to look into the laser treatments for their various ailments.  I could not be happier.

Diana B.

     I was treated for torn meniscus and possible torn ACL in my left knee.  I noticed a sign on the wall for the laser treatments when I was in the Saito Chiropractic Office where I was being treated with chiropractic adjustments.  

     I received a total of 12 laser treatments for my left knee.  I experienced  deep, hot, burning sensation during the first treatment of each new area.  The second and subsequent treatments always had less  heat.  I noticed that my knee became far more stable as a result of these treatments.  I am now able to stand on my left leg alone.  My limp has decreased and the improvements have been stable even after three months of ending treatment.

     The staff in the office treated me quite well, as usual.  I would and have referred at least two friends for this treatment.  One of them, who has started treatments, has shown a great improvement.

Robert P.

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